Weston adjustable single burger press express

durch  |  29-Dec-2015 06:49

We reserve the right to choose the shipping method and may require a physical address for larger items that require parcel service instead of a po box.Some items may be restricted for shipping to military addresses.

Weston burger express with compacting ejector button weston burger express with compacting/ejector button adjustable patty thickness patty diameter 4 1/2 non-stick coating heavy-duty aluminum construction this item is brand new and in perfect condition.

Once payment is received, we will process shipment within 1 business day.

Use this Realtree Hamburger Press to ensure your patties come out perfectly, at the exact thickness you want.

Weston's press features a heavy duty aluminum construction and exclusive Realtree Horns imprint.

Примерное время не учитывает время на обработку заказа продавцом и особенности работы почты или таможни.

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