Welsh single farm payment entitlements

durch  |  28-Dec-2014 00:47

It is understood the Cardiff Government has been advised by its lawyers not to risk pressing ahead with multi-region payment options.

This is after it was forced to abandon plans for a 400 metre moorland line in December in response to a legal challenge mounted by upland farmers.

“If using the SDA and/or DA areas as payment regions is unlikely to stand up to a judicial review then the options may be whittled down to a flat-rate introduced over a five year transition, flat-rate introduced over a longer tunnelling transition, or a redistributive payment introduced over a five year transition,” he said.

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He said a far greater impact may be the extra paperwork farmers will need to submit whatever payment system is implemented.

Mr Fenwick said the uncertainty was likely to add to the pressure on the processing of BPS payments, which is already riddled with problems.

Welsh farmers already know they will not be receiving full payments in December.

(see below for more details) A single-region approach now looks increasingly likely, although, with a consultation due by the end of March and a General Election looming, the final details might not be known until after the May 15 Basic Payment Scheme application deadline.

Its simplest form, the single region model would see a gradual move towards a flat rate across Wales of around €176/ha (£128/ha at current exchange rates)by 2019.

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