Tim burgess solo singles

durch  |  07-Mar-2015 17:50

marks a productive three years for Burgess, whose O Genesis company has been instrumental in revitalising the career of cult star R Stevie Moore and providing a solo outlet for Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner.Such milestones may not match The Charlatans’ baggy heyday, yet the former Madchester pin-up finds himself close behind other successful artist-run record companies such as Jack White’s Third Man Records.In the States, the group faced persistent comparisons with The Beatles, though leaving Apple in 1974 failed to improve Badfinger’s fortunes.

In an early incarnation as The Iveys, the Welsh outfit complained about being neglected by Apple, encouraging Mc Cartney to offer them their first breakthrough single, “Come and Get It”.

Relations continued to be strained, as the label initially rejected another hit, “No Matter What”, and missed the potential of Badfinger’s “Without You”, which was later a global success for Harry Nilsson.

There are parallels in more recent times with Sour Mash, the label set up by Noel Gallagher in 2001 at the peak of his fame.

Indeed, with the music industry’s major players struggling to launch new artists in the digital age, gaining kudos from established artists could be seen as a more attractive means of launching a career.

Yet the history of these concerns suggests wannabes should be wary of hitching their wagons to such stars: many end up as vanity projects, toys for big names to play with and then discard.

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