Thai dating i danmark Holbæk

durch  |  03-May-2016 13:50

The course for fall 2016 starts at the 14th of August and ends at the 17th December You have the opportunity to put together your individual course The course is divided in 3 periods (terms), were you choose between different subjects.

The idea is that you will get the opportunity to think across subjects, theoretical and practical and there by test your expectations, ideas and possibilities in a professional and multidisciplinary environment.

This way you can get an insight of their work and methods in many different artistic disciplines.

The guidance is mainly focused on the artistic educations.

The Folk Art School in Holbæk is a place, which creates and demands space for thoughts to move freely and creatively.

It is our belief, that each student in an environment such as this will be able to get better skills, together with the sense of flexibility and ambiguity.

On every team of students, a meeting mainly with former students from this school now studying at various academies, design-schools, architect-schools and more, is arranged.

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