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durch  |  02-Oct-2015 10:19

Even after she assured me that she meant that she would choose Joburg over Cape Town any day, I waited for her to tell me that she was joking. It is something she said she had never experienced anywhere before. The trainee explained that he was still new and figuring things out.

One of the examples she gave me was an experience she had last week while she was shopping at a supermarket. But the man in front in the queue turned and looked at my friend and then said: “These people are so slow and stupid and lazy.

I stated that most black people don’t want to work in Cape Town because they come up against the white ceiling that they cannot go through, which is why any self-respecting aspiring black professional will leave Cape Town for blacker pastures in Joburg. Almost choking on my drink, I turned to her and said: “What?

Did you say you prefer Johannesburg to Cape Town but in actual fact you meant you prefer Cape Town to Johannesburg? The city is beautiful, and she’s German, she’s supposed to like Cape Town, like the many German tourists who fall in love with the city and never leave. She said white Capetonians looked at one another as if they were members of a secret club. Strangers made racially biased remarks to her, assuming that she will agree with her simply because she is white.

If this is the case, then what is it about Capetonians that they think they can get away with that kind of behaviour? All my friend was saying was that if she encountered this kind of behaviour so regularly, it could only mean that a lot of the time people say these things without being aware that they are being racist. Not at all, but I am saying that Cape Town needs to engage in proper soul-searching before denouncing what my German friend noticed.

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