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Furthermore, we can help you set up meetings with relevant actors.BEST WESTERN Golf Hotel Viborg offers an active stay with a 27-hole golf course at Viborg Golf Klub. In the heart of Jutland you'll find BEST WESTERN Golf Hotel Viborg & Golf Salonen – beautiful surroundings and right next to the lakes in Viborg.

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Danmark is the country where the clima and weather allows you to play golf from am to pm.

Thus, we offer potential investors assistance ranging from market screening to actual investment process.

As a neutral, non-profit agency, we ensure discretion and confidentiality for every investor.

Whether you are looking for a data center site, are a supplier to data centers, are investing in the green, sustainable solutions or are working with animation or new media, Viborg has something unique to offer.

Neutral facilitator Invest in Viborg works as a neutral facilitator.

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