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durch  |  14-Feb-2016 15:26

In fact the tower was destroyed by an American bombing off Nijmegen in February 1944.

The Allies by this time had advanced deep into Belgium almost to The Dutch border but the advance suddenly slowed due to their out-running lines of supply and their inability to take a servicable port intact nearer their front line.

Supplies were still being transported from the won Normandy beachheads a distance of over 500miles.

They would be reinforced, in due course and in turn, by the British XXX Corps, land-based and driving up from the British lines in the south.

The key to the operation was the bridges, as if the Germans held or blew them, the paratroopers could not be relieved.

It was code-named "Operation Market Garden", Market being the airborne drop and Garden the drive up the road. The planners overlooked,by ignoring seemingly on purpose aerial reconnaisance photos which indicated that Dieter's SS Panzers were resting and re-equipping in the Arnhem area.

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