Single purkersdorf

durch  |  07-Jul-2016 18:23

This can lead to anomalies, which means that the ideal geometry of the track is no longer assured and in these areas it becomes necessary to impose temporary speed restrictions.

Partnervermittlung mv - Single purkersdorf

The first machines that made it possible to produce this state of the track quickly and reliably were built by Plasser & Theurer.

Today, this range of machines offers a unique selection to meet the individual requirements of the operators.

The main categories are tamping machines in standard railway vehicle design for tracks and turnouts which are equipped with one, two, three or four-sleeper tamping units; then there are self-loading and road-rail tamping machines and finally lightweight tamping machines.

The hydraulic non-synchronous constant pressure tamping principle – which is still the method most widely used today – was developed by Plasser & Theurer to hold the tracks in the correct position.

Meanwhile, thousands of levelling, lifting, lining and tamping machines made in Linz are operating all over the world.

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