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durch  |  20-Feb-2015 09:22

Theme: "Single-Minded" - Short vowel in each *ING-ending word is changed into a long vowel, hence one of double consonants is dropped. The gimmick is simply dropping one of the double letters. It's challenging to start with a 13-letter theme entry, as this results in a stacked 7's on the right immediately. Would you mind copying and pasting the recipes on the blog again? The constructor can further break those 7's into two 3's, but then she'd exceed Rich's 144 word limit.

Single minded crossword clue-37

Single minded crossword clue

But all was different with George; he could afford to be single-minded.

He and Algernon Sydney are remembered as single-minded and high-souled men.

The sordidness and trickery of heathen priests is contrasted with the uprightness and single-minded devotion of Daniel.

Up to this time her love for the stage had been single-minded.

In my experience, Peto puzzles have smooth surfaces, occasionally unusual definitions, and a plethora of containement-style clues. This entry was posted on Thursday, September 1st, 2016 and is filed under FT.

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