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A basic principle of antepartum testing is that a more accurate prediction of fetal wellness is achieved in direct proportion to the number of variables considered.The BPP is a clinical tool that integrates levels of dynamic biophysical activities into a usable standard.The BPP combines data from 2 sources (ie, ultrasonographic imaging and fetal heart rate [FHR] monitoring).

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The BPP allows 2 points for each parameter that is present, yielding a maximum score of 10; however, if all ultrasonographic variables are normal, the FHR variable may be excluded because no change is made in the predictive accuracy of the BPP by including the FHR.

If 1 or more ultrasonographic variables are abnormal, the NST should be performed.

Each of the movements evaluated in the BPP results from efferent signals originating in different central nervous system (CNS) centers, which mature at different gestational ages (see Table 2). Maturation of Central Nervous System Regulatory Centers (Open Table in a new window) Key: A blank box indicates that no data are available for that parameter.

The baseline fetal heart rate is from 140-150 beats per minute.

This tracing is reactive, since at least 2 accelerations of the fetal heart rate occur within less than 20 minutes.

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