Mann sucht frau konstanz - Single horn

durch  |  04-Nov-2014 17:25

The French horn can be a great beginning instrument for someone with some music background and the ability to match pitches correctly.The student should be able to sing in tune in order to know when they are playing the correct pitches on their horn.Most teachers prefer the “ F” horn but in my experience, students succeed more often with a “ Bb” horn.

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The right hand should rest against the top portion of the bell.

The simplest beginning horn is a single horn which can come in two sizes, either a Bb (“ B” flat) or an “ F” horn.

There are differing beliefs as to which is the best student instrument.

Taking care of a French horn is easier than a woodwind instrument. The only regular maintenance required is to oil the valves now and then and grease the slides as needed.

The French horn is played with the left hand on top of the instrument with the first three fingers resting on the valves.

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