Single hammock frame

durch  |  17-May-2015 15:52

Though it is more spacious when in use, it is much smaller when stored in its attached pouch.The clever pouch designs will always allow you to fit it into your backpack or hang it from your belt.Original Quality: There can only be one original, the first Parachute Hammock.

Single hammock frame-38

The TTTM Hammocks’ fabric is easy to clean and will not rot.

Safety and comfort: The mesh of traditional hammocks is likely to leave impressions on your skin, and fingers and toes can get stuck in the net.

The TTTM Parachute hammocks are elastic and breathable, so they don’t absorb sweat, cotton hammocks do and thus often produce an odor that could attract rodents and other animals.

Being intrigued by the material’s unique qualities, as low weight, unequalled strength, and amazing compactness, he started his quest to create the ultimate hammock.

Could this material enable the breakthrough he had dreamt of?

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