Single fehmarn Frauen treffen in detmold

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He protected the privileges and freedoms of the inhabitants. There were many nepotisms but the one that remains is the Mackeprang-Witt, which is placed here.

Due to that legislation Fehmarn developed differently from the rest of Holstein. Every male by the name Mackeprang or Witt whose ancestors are from Fehmarn can become a member, but only men.

This incident is the saddest tragedy in the history of the Isle of Fehmarn. Now the Count couldn't pay the soldiers at their time of dismissal. In 1580 the Danish King Friedrich II had a meeting on the isle of Funen which is a Danish island located north of Fehmarn. This painting shows how people imagined life under water.

Even today people tell the legend of this horrible tragedy in this way: At last, while the whole island was burning, King Erik came in this church. The King gave the Isle of Fehmarn a banner: a golden Danish crown in blue damask. In 1654 he married for the third time to Gerdrut, widow of the judge Karsten Folff, She died in 1667. This model ship represents a warship from Lubeck constructed in 1617 and was donated by the merchant shippers.

Fortunately, the inhabitants of Fehmarn never became serfs like inhabitants of Gro The ruler was the Count of Schleswig and he also was the King of Denmark. They had 10 children, 6 of them died, the name of the others were Jurgen, Heinrichm, Catharina and Anna. At his induction he has to promise that he will give 5% of his fortune to nepotism if he dies without a legitimate heir.

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