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To achieve this goal, she offers a variety of services including event dressing, personal wardrobe checks and store checks.Together with her cooperating partners she advises in all aspects to create that individual perfect look. With a background in HR, organizational behavior and psychology as well as an expat herself, Tali Lichtenfeld specialises in coaching expatriates.

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Fortunately for expats and tourists, the Ruhr Metropolis reveals probably the highest density of Christmas markets in the world. The Anglican Mission in Neuss would love to welcome English speakers of all nationalities to join them at one of their services. Offering those looking for an alternative winter trip, the Finnlines route from Travemünde to Helsinki is ideal.

The Christmas Market in Neuss is very traditional, cosy and well set on the Münsterplatz in the shadow of the Basilica.

The unique atmosphere of a traditional German Christmas market is becoming increasingly popular, due to the enchanting festive season atmosphere it evokes. The "Wheel of Vision" is an impressive structure placed on the Burgplatz next to both the Rhine promenade and the old town (Altstadt). The world's largest boat and water sports trade fair reveals a full nine days of fascination, inspiration, information and fun!

The biggest attraction of the moment in Neuss is the Christmas market in Neuss.

Try also the impressive ferris (big) wheel in the old town of Düsseldorf.

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