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durch  |  31-Mar-2016 08:23

You then add meat, level off the top, then push the formed patty out. Weighing the patties on my scale after forming them, I found it them to be slightly larger than the device indicated, but no big deal.

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Stop having boring burgers, stop having a boring life." There's a lot of stuff out there that can only be described as "burger junk." You know, the things sold on late night informercials that try to convince you that your burgers are not good enough, fast enough, or novel enough for discerning modern palates.

The Adjust-A-Burger ($7.89) is an adjustable patty mold for making 1/4 pound, 1/3 pound, and 1/2 pound patties. The outer plastic sleeve locks into place with a little twist at one of the three predetermined size settings.

The operation was simple and the patties were uniform after a few trys.

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My fingers, slick with fat and meat juice, couldn't get a grip on the outer sleeve to twist it and eject the formed patty.

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