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durch  |  12-Jul-2015 17:12

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@makmak2015, some of us looked for a part 2 on the site where the vid was downloaded from, and it didn't have a listing. She tweeted about this vid being on sale, but doesn't say anything about part 2. Smart Water, San Pellegrino Sparking Water, premium saltines, Swiss milk, all are fine to show but not the cereal?

She's a little pissed of to see her vid reposted for free. General Mills must have notified them saying not to show it.

Many online dating websites claim to be free but when you login you find that you cannot send messages to other members.

Mix of bitchy, stupidity, desperation, resignation, denial, hopelessness.

You think nagging your husband about fixing the washing machine is going to compete with that sweet thing?

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