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(See literature list.) I have started and implemented three research groups from scratch. 1963-1972 A group on Plant-breeding for Nutritional quality in Cereals at the plant breeding institute Swedish Seed Association (Svalöf, Sweden) 2 1973 -1991 Department of Biotechnology at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory (Carlsberg Breweries), Valby Copenhagen. Bisgaard Hansen, eds.) Levnedsmiddelcentret DTU/KVL. Scientific Computing World July/August ,27-28.(2001) Munck, L.

Research on Process Analytical Control (PAT) in the food industry, Molecular Biology of Barley, Plant breeding for malt and nutritional improvement in barley and sorghum, and development of cereals as a renewable resource 3. Exploratory data analysis – addressing the context in which chemometrics works.

1991- 2005 Chemometrics and Spectroscopy group including Plant Food technology now established as the Quality and Technology area at Department of Food Science, Life Science Faculty, University of Copenhagen.

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