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durch  |  04-Mar-2015 11:13

To make your start at the School of Social Sciences easier, the Dean's Office provides this study guide, in the current issue of the fall/winter semester 2016/2017.

In here you will learn about a history rich in tradition and in a short profile of the faculty the lecturers of the first semester's courses.

You can download the study guide as pdf-document here (available in German only).

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For every program there are examination regulations which prescribe the necessary academic achievements.

It furthermore contains information about exam deadlines, credit points (ECTS) as well as the exact graduation label.

For fall the course catalogue will be available on May 15th of each year. As the European states have agreed on increasing student mobility within Europe, they decided to standardize the workload for students in their countries.

If you stick to its schedule, you will complete your studies within the standard period.

The course catalogue provides a list of all courses.

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