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Especially for the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Kempinas has created a new installation that allows objects and structures – now bathed in red light – to appear as images in the darkroom of an old photographer.Occupying the boundary between visual art and music, Philipsz’s space-filling sound installation alludes to a number of earlier exhibitions that took place in the impressive galleries of the Ständehaus.

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created especially for the Kunstsammlung, is the artist’s wide-ranging research into the subject of the war-damaged musical instruments found today in numerous collections throughout Germany.

A trained sculptor, Philipsz is interested primarily in the interplay between sound and space.

“For me, it is a question of the way in which the emotional and psychological effects of sound can enhance our awareness of the space we occupy,” explained the artist in a newspaper interview conducted in 2010.

she was able to use an entire series of war-damaged instruments, thereby employing them for their original purpose – to make music – for her recordings.

Battered, displaying bullet holes, twisted out of shape, each narrates a different, moving story: simultaneously historical objects and musical instruments, their sound quality shaped in unavoidable ways by the impact of war.

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