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durch  |  15-Nov-2014 08:59

The party argues: “Therapy-resistant alcoholics, drug addicts and psychologically ill perpetrators should not be kept in psychiatric hospitals but be put under lock and key.” The Af D also suggests that handicapped children should not be included “at all costs” as pupils in regular schools because, it claims, their presence can impede other pupils’ progress.To this end the party pledges to take steps to ban abortion and make divorce more difficult.By contrast, German families which produce children should be rewarded with financial incentives, it says.

A poll published by You Gov showed that more than 70 per cent of Germans now believe that the Af D is firmly on course to win seats in Germany’s national Bundestag parliament next year, when it will contest a general election for the first time.

A leaked election manifesto has revealed that Germany’s vote-winning new anti-immigrant party has plans for draconian laws which would discriminate against handicapped children, single mothers, and the mentally ill – and oblige history teachers to end a perceived “over-emphasis” on the Nazi era in schools.

The radical proposals are contained in an election manifesto produced by the right-wing populist Alternative für Deutschland (Af D) party, which made sweeping gains in three state elections last weekend in a show of public opposition to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door refugee policy.

The party’s manifesto makes it clear that the Af D wants a return to what it calls “national” values in Germany.

It says it “sees the traditional family” as the only model which can reverse the country’s declining birth rate.

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