No single raindrop believes it is responsible for the flood meaning

durch  |  07-Jun-2015 11:31

When demanding areas off the New England coast be designated as “fully protected” marine monuments, their real agenda is to set up no-fishing zones.

The federal government is currently exploring this issue.

Private companies have seen the success and have poured large amounts of money into programs exploring the benefits of stem cells derived from adult adipose (fat) tissue, marrow, and other sources. Embryonic stem cells have a more direct and immediate potential for pluripotency as that is what they do: they turn into cells for each organ and tissue in the body.

On top of this, the ethical and moral issues involving the harvesting of human embryos are staggering and I fall in with those myriad souls who fight to stop the harvesting and destruction of human life with the goal of bettering human life.

How far removed are we from Nazi Germany, when diabolical doctors of death practiced upon innocents by the millions to further the happiness of the rest of humanity? In fact, to date there has not been a single successful treatment of any condition or disease using stem cells harvested from embryos.

A Message from Keep America Fishing: Do you believe that the only way to conserve our public lands and waters is to lock recreational fishermen out?

Do you view recreational fishing as an extractive activity on par with oil drilling and commercial bottom trawling? But right now, that’s what some anti-fishing organizations are actively accusing us of.

There is the potential for all recreational fishing to be banned, even though there’s no evidence to suggest we pose a threat to the habitat or fish populations in these areas.

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