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Here is a cut down version: Protected Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. ddmmyyyy Stepping through the code I hover my pointer over 'lastdate' and the format is in mmddyyy and this is how it is displayed when injected into my sql table. Thanks in advance Hi Rodger B, Thanks for the assistance. In debug mode, when I step through the code I get the correct format.

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Date Time" (this is a different table to the one I am trying to update): My Cmd = New Sql Command("insert into tbl(adno,date,time,details,consultant) values(@adno,@date,@time,@details,@consultant)", My Conn) My Cmd. Although in debug mode, when i step through the code the date is displayed as mm/dd/2007 yet when it is stored in the SQL DB it is displayed as dd/mm/2007. From my tests, the date appears to be reversed as it is stored.

Anyway, I have the result in the end so thanks for your help.

Function Get Connection() As Sql Connection Return New Sql Connection("server=myserver;database=mydb;user id=macman; Password=creative") End Function Protected Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Click Dim my Cmd As Sql Command my Cmd = New Sql Command("Update tbl SET LASTSEEN = @LASTSEEN where ADNO=010362", Get Connection()) my Cmd.

Looking back through my project I have come across the form where a record is added. ) Going back to your original answer: Dim lastdate As Object = Format(Rad Date Picker1. So I'll tend to avoid it in most database stuff I write. As long as your table allows for null values (in the case of the Data Structure at the table definition) sending an empty value really shouldn't, and hasn't for me to date, cause an issue with no issues, even when passing empty values.

I remember having the same issue, which was resolved by "Sql Db Type. Db Selected Date, "dd/MM/yyyy") I decided to swap the dd and mm around and it works.

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