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Since his main role is to kill or zone enemy carries, champions like Janna, Alistar, or Lulu can easily peel you off and interrupt your damage combos which can completely nullify your effectiveness in teamfights and potentially lead to your death.

Furthermore QSS and Zhonya’s are very effective items that carries will build to cancel your ultimate, which gives you an additional thing to think about in teamfights.

This guide will cover a number of likely match ups, in addition to giving advice to using him effectively throughout the game. I made a strawpoll once again asking which champion you guys wanted me to do a guide on, Zed was the winner of this one.

I have played A LOT of Zed games over the past year or so.

Attacking enemy champions generates 1 stack of Fervor (2 for melee champions) and damaging enemy champions with an ability generates 2 stacks of Fervor (2 second cooldown).

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