Singletreff landshut - Mass effect 2 flirten

durch  |  30-Dec-2014 23:42

It's natural that games should look to film for help in developing meaningful narratives, but it is often the case that film's narrative devices feel overly contrived in a dynamic, interactive setting in which the player should be calling the shots.Canadian developer Bio Ware has always met the challenges and opportunities of interactive storytelling head-on, drawing inspiration from film techniques, but masterfully building upon them and integrating them into interactive experiences that propel the art of storytelling to new levels.These are all admirable pastimes, and the games industry has become expert at packaging such experiences into a format best described as "cinematic." But as games have become more "cinematic," a key feature of the cinema is often left behind.

Some enjoy driving a car in a circle, while others prefer jumping around collecting shiny baubles.

Then there are the miscreants who love nothing more than pointing and clicking on whatever they want to die.

A surprising amount of unexpected baggage comes along with you.

Throughout Mass Effect 2, you're accosted by a motley gaggle of minor characters whose lives you affected in the first game.

You'll struggle to remember some of them, and others you'll recall after a bit of conversation.

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