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A global study entitled “Workforce 2020” by Oxford Economics surveyed executives and employees to gauge the future of the workforce in healthcare.

The study found that 48% of healthcare employees get ample training on workplace technology, but only 32% get access to the latest technology.

To achieve patient engagement hospital staff needs access to new technologies. Internet of Things and Big Data Here is where a hospital can shine and truly engage with their patients with innovative technologies; for example, hospitals can track a patient’s individual health data via sensor technology.

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Personalization produces better outcomes, helping people get better faster. Digital network A well-run digital network is key, as this is where all of the above work together, seamlessly.

Use of devices in tracking vitals have been positively received by patients.

One might put this in the category of personalized medicine, because an individual’s medical data is being tracked and recorded to make real-time decisions and treatment options.

I believe five components are critical to meet this healthcare reality, or what I call “the hospital of the future:” 1.

Digital core This is a hospital’s IT infrastructure or platform, where they manage financials and supply chain, as well as integrate specific applications for patient engagement and their electronic medical records solution for patients. Patient engagement This is about lowering re-admissions by providing patients with tools and advice so they become more engaged about their health and are better able to prevent health issues. Workforce This starts by finding and hiring qualified staff and ensuring they receive ongoing learning opportunities to help them provide better services and outcomes for patients.

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