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"Next year, KATTUN would celebrate 10 years anniversary, and we already promised to do it together as a group, we talked something like we have to erase all uncomfortable feeling between us to make progress in the future.

I really can't find any words to describe what I feel about that." And Ueda Tatsuya noted that he tried to convince Taguchi Junnosuke not to leave KAT-TUN.

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But Kamenashi Kazuya and Ueda Tatsuya seemed upset and disappointed by Junno's decision.

Before KAT-TUN performed its hit "Dead Or Alive," Taguchi Junnosuke announced he would exit both the group and agency Johnny & Associates in the spring.

"For all fans who already give these 4 members support and love, and for everyone who related with us in work, I apologize because the condition turned out to be like this," Ueda Tatsuya said in a statement.

And Koki Tanaka was kicked out of the group in 2013 for violating his contract.

Johnny & Associates has also confirmed Junno's exit from KAT-TUN But the agency promised that Kat-Tun is not disbanding.

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