Jerry springer dating show baggage

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So the fact that it's on television now is almost a yawn," Springer says.

"Twenty years ago it would have been surprising, but young people today share everything." See photos of Jerry Springer The biggest question for Springer is, after almost two decades of dealing with the dirty gossip and dark-kept secrets of strangers, how much more can he take? I obviously don't need to make a living anymore so I just do things that I enjoy and try to get different experiences."I've gotten a lot of offers to become a male dancer at the local nursing home," Springer jokes.

, which airs weeknights at /c, contestants must go through two elimination rounds to compete for the affection of one dater.

During the two rounds, the contestants are forced to reveal all of their deepest and darkest baggage.

"I have notified NBC Universal, who owns me, that I am stopping my own show when I'm 103.

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