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The 25-year-old singer was joined on stage by finalist Jena Irene, who kicked off the performance by singing the band’s song “Decode.” They then segued into the current hit single “Ain’t It Fun” and it sure was a lot of fun! See y’all soon 📺📡,” Hayley tweeted before the show started.Jena, who is from the Detriot suburb of Farmington Hills, was a senior in high school where she had competed in its annual "Coffee House" talent show.

Jena irene new single-2

Jena irene new single

The performance earned her praise from the judges and helped her earn her place on the American Idols Live tour.

Her rendition of it earned her praise from the judges and resulted in her getting voted through to the next week.

For "Home" week, Jena sang "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall, dedicating it to her family.

She was previously the lead singer of a rock band called Infinity Hour.

She had even worked as a waitress at a local restaurant called Hercules.

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