Jena irene dating caleb

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For her American Idol audition, Asciutto sang "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele.During the audition process, production continually called her "Jena Irene," possibly due to a mistake she made when writing down her name, as "Irene" is not her surname, but rather her middle name.

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Although she initially made attempts to correct her name, she eventually decided to keep the name professionally.

During the group round, she sang "Too Close" by Alex Clare, alongside Sikenya Thomson, Allie Odom, and Mufarid Zaidi.

She was announced as the runner-up on May 21, 2014.

It starts typically enough—a Midwestern girl who wants to sing, dealing with heartbreak and adolescent experimentation and family issues.

She made it into the third part of Hollywood week by singing an original song called "Unbreakable Me," which has since been released on i Tunes.

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