Is kennenlernen a separable verb sextreffen Köln

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Er war schon zurückgegangen, He had already gone back.

abblenden (screen, fade out, dim [lights])abdanken (abdicate, resign)abkommem (get away)abnehmen (pick up; decrease, reduce)abschaffen (abolish, do away with)abziehen (deduct, withdraw, print [photos])aufbauen (build up, put up, add on)aufdrehen (turn on, unscrew, wind up)auffallen (stand out, be noticeable)aufgeben (give up; check [luggage])aufkommen (arise, spring up; bear [costs])aufschließen (unlock; develop [land])ausbilden (educate, train)ausbreiten (extend, spread out)ausfallen (fail, fall out, be canceled)ausgehen (go out)ausmachen (10 meanings!

For download or printing there is kennenlernen as pdf.

First syllable "kennen" of "kennenlernen" is separable.

Verb table, conjugation table and flection of the German verb kennenlernen (get to know) in all tenses and referring to all personal pronouns as well as in indicative mode, subjunctive and imperative. Not only kennenlernen kann be flexed but also all German verbs.

Principal forms are er lernt kennen - er lernte kennen - er hat kennengelernt.

All of the separable-prefix verbs form their past participle with ge-.

Examples: Sie hat gestern angerufen, She called/telephoned yesterday.

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