Haagen dazs single serve cups date ideer Odsherred

durch  |  09-Jul-2016 15:22

start with our legendary chocolate ice cream, made with premium dutch cocoa. then experience an almost irresistible blend of flavors as the robust peanut butter complements the classic chocolate in every delicious mouthful.vanilla is the essence of elegance and sophistication.

discover a delicate flavor for those who savor pure simplicity.

luscious and creamy, the flavor of exotic vanilla beans is an inspired counterpoint to the rich texture of this all natural frozen yogurt.

juicy, sun-ripened lemons are selected to create this tart yet sweet fruit sorbet.

haagen-dazs zesty lemon sorbet is an indulgent treat, with a delicate flavor that will dazzle your tongue and refresh your senses.

imagine that perfect coffee from your favorite cafe transformed into a delectable frozen yogurt experience.

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