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The holiday park, Jesperhus Feriepark, opened in 1966.

It is a family-owned business which originally began as a small flower park.

comprising Dueholm Monastry, The Mo-clay Museum and The Danish Foundry Museum. Dating back to 1370, the monastery is steeped in history: It was originally the abode of the Johannite monastic order and later, for about 350 years, it housed various dwellers until, in 1909, the monastery was purchased and renovated by Morsland’s Historical Museum.

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The moler has yielded fossilised animals and plants that are more than 55 million years old.

The dune, Hanklit, is shortlisted for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The island’s 151-kilometre shoreline is characterised by the unique moler (mo-clay) slopes, peculiar to Mors.

Rising above the sea, they bear witness to the immensely powerful forces behind the formation of the island of Mors as we know it today.

Mors or Morsø is an island in the inlet of Limfjorden.

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