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Another great night experience is the Propaganda party at the Imperial Club, which usually takes place on the first Saturday of each month.Schoneberg Since the 1920s, the Schoneberg quarter in the south of the city has been the center of gay Berlin.You can find leather shops, such as Ro B Berlin or GEAR Berlin here at one of the top leather locations in Europe.

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Berlin is a hub of gay life and culture in the heart of Europe.

This club is also known as the heart of techno with a culture that is entirely unique.

Once a year, the club closes its doors completely to the straight crowd and puts on the Snax event, a gay Berlin party like no other where anything goes.

Sélim and his partner Jeremy were the perfect guests - polite and friendly, and treated my home very respectfully.

They were also very interesting to chat to, and I enjoyed their company.

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