Frauen kennenlernen dubai single seiten Aachen

durch  |  10-Jul-2016 02:06

It is expected to add 81 square kilometers to Dubai’s coastline and will house about 1.5 billion people.

Becoming the greatest sea front in the world, it détrône thus the island from Manhattan in New York.

Check out more pictures of this project here - World.

If you want to acquire one of these islands, it will cost some to you between 6,2 to 36,7 million dollars. This is to become the largest man-made development in the World.

Occupying the last remaining Persian Gulf coastline of Dubai, these artificial islands will be made to resemble the star and the crescent.

Business Bay- Business Bay is a central business district under construction in Downtown Dubai. The islands are Palm Jumeirah , the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira.

The project will include over 240 commercial and residential buildings. Palm Jumeirah, the most advanced, has been completed .

Three artificial islands in the shape of palm trees will shelter apartments, villas, hotels and luxury stores.

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