Find kæreste Helsingør

durch  |  17-Nov-2015 21:41

These ships had to pay the tolls at the docks of Elsinore, and hence used the city for provisioning as well.

During the 15th century, when Denmark controlled the lands of Southern Sweden, King Eric of Pomarania build two fortifications; Krogen in Elsinore, which would later develop into the famous Kronborg castle, and Kernen (Kärnan) across the strait in Helsingborg to guard the entrance to the strait, and subsequently introduced the oft hated Øresund tolls for all passing foreign ships.

With the loss of the toll, Elsinore plummeted into poverty, but Denmark's subsequent industrialisation had a positive impact on the city, for example the city developed an important ship building industry in line with it's maritime heritage.

The ever growing ferry traffic to Sweden also had a positive impact, with many Swedes day-tripping to Elsinore for shopping, above all for alcohol - taxed much less in Denmark than across the strait.

1600), is by some claimed to be the reason Shakespeare chose Elsinore and Kronborg as the setting, rather than the Danish capital.

The coastal railway (Danish: Kystbanen) runs along the Øresund coast from Copenhagen and various destinations in southern Sweden (though it will often be faster to take a train to Helsingborg and catch a ferry across the strait from destinations in Sweden).

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