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The name of Hera may have several of mutually exclusive etymologies; one possibility is to connect it with Greek ὥρα hōra, season, and to interpret it as ripe for marriage and according to Plato ἐρατή eratē, "beloved" In a note, he records other scholars' arguments "for the meaning Mistress as a feminine to Heros, Master." John Chadwick, a decipherer of Linear B, remarks "her name may be connected with hērōs, ἥρως, 'hero', but that is no help, since it too is etymologically obscure." Hera may have been the first the Greeks dedicated an enclosed roofed temple sanctuary to, at Samos about 800 BCE.

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, Hērē, in Ionic and Homer) is the daughter of the Titans Cronus and Rhea.

She is one of six children and along with her siblings, became the Gods and Goddesses of Greek mythology and religion.

She is married to her brother Zeus and is known as the Queen of Heaven.

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