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The first version, which must have been practically completed, was painted on a panel coming from the same tree as panels used by Rembrandt in the years 1637-1640.In line with this, this version corresponds to that of Rembrandt or his school during the same period around 1640.

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The Ifba will take place on 3 days from Thursday, 18. Disclaimer: No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. Fair dates and exhibition sites are subject to change by the respective trade fair organiser.

"A casual date is an evening, a meal, or a get-together of some kind in which there is no expectation of further commitment on either side.

The exhibition Ifba in Kassel enjoys increasing popularity at home and abroad.

Meanwhile, the Ifba is the largest purely sectoral exhibition of its kind in Europe.

The information was last updated 4 October 2016 References to this page To refer to this information please use the following credit line: The Rembrandt Database, Object information, possiblymogelijk Rembrandt, and follower ofen navolger van Rembrandt, and possiblyen mogelijk Ferdinand Bol, River landscape with a windmill, c.

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