Dk dating Herning

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by Danish Women Association for the Defense of Denmark, founded 1907. Round the border ornamental motif and four medallions with the years 18, the monogram T.

Snow covered landscape with a lake, trees and church; starlit sky. Commemorative plate for bishop Thomas Skat Rordam with portrait in profile.


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Also issued with text in English, French, German and Czech The mill of Dybbl with laurel wreath border.

Inscription: HVER ER SIN GAVE LIG VRE SIG FATTIG ELLER RIG (A gift is appreciated equally whether it comes from rich or poor). by the charity " Dronningens Juleindsamling" (The Queen' s Christmas fund).

by the Navy Clubs on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the victory at Helgoland. Crowned face to face monogram A (Queen Alexandrine). Silhouette of Queen Alexandra of Great Britain and Ireland.

This plate was rejected and withdrawn, however about 120 copies came on the market.

Inscription: VR VET TIL DAAD NAAR LUREN KALDER (Be prepared to fight when the lure is sounded) 1862-1912 and K.

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