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The Museum of the Death March () is dedicated to the thousands killed on one of the SS’s death marchs from the Ravensbrück and Saxonia Concentration Camps in April 1945.

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On the Smuggler’s Route, cycle through the forest past lakes and meadows.

Thankfully, the town has planned out a few routes (both walking and cycling) depending on your preferences — be it historical, religious, or natural — to make it easier. , a museum of regional history with a permanent exhibit dedicated to the Thirty Years’ War (as one of the bloodiest battles of the entire war took place here).

Another bloody war took place here some 300 years later.

;-) You’ll also have a wonderful view of the forest from the Blumenthal Observation Tower (that stands some 48 meters high).

Make certain to stop and see the Sweden Stone, an 80 ton stone left here from the last Ice Age.

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