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Local trains and buses are around 30 DDK for a two-zone ticket. There are a number of full day activities to do in this region and most involve going out and exploring the beautiful countryside. Go Orange – The Danish rail system offers cheap tickets via their online website called “Orange tickets.” They are only available online, and you have to print out the ticket before you board the train.These tickets though are a third of the cost of what you can buy at the railway station.

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Book in advance – Booking train and bus tickets a month in advance can save you up to 50%.

Cook your food – Eating out in Denmark is not cheap, and since Danish food isn’t going to win any great culinary awards, you won’t miss much by cooking your own food.

Groceries cost about 240 DDK per week, which is cheaper than a few meals out combined.

Throw in some clean cities and a high quality of life and I’m sold. However, though the country is expensive to visit, the countryside (especially Jutland) is beautiful and worth extending your stay for.

Accommodation – Hostel dorms begin at 200 DDK per night and that usually gets you a 12 person or more dorm room. Hotels in Denmark aren’t, cheap and expect to pay around 685 DDK per night or more for a hotel. You can also stay at camping sites cost from 55-95 DDK per night.

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