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The repair of the mutagenic oxidised lesion 7,8-dihydro-8-oxoguanine (8-oxo Gua) is initiated by 8-oxoguanine-DNA glycosylase 1 (OGG1), and the excised 8-oxo Gua is subsequently excreted in urine (17,18).

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Recent epidemiological evidence indicates that exposure to particulate matter (PM) from air pollution increases the mortality and risk of cardiovascular and lung disease as well as lung cancer (1–6).

Especially the fraction of ultrafine particles, mainly from diesel-powered vehicles, is thought to promote effects due to high alveolar deposition and a large surface area per mass with adhered toxic compounds such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxin derivatives, quinones, aldehydes and metals (7,8).

Exposure to traffic-related particulate matter (PM) has been associated with increased risk of lung disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease especially in elderly and overweight subjects.

The proposed mechanisms involve intracellular production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), inflammation and oxidation-induced DNA damage studied mainly in young normal-weight subjects.

We performed a controlled cross-over, randomised, single-blinded, repeated-measure study where 60 healthy subjects (25 males and 35 females) with age 55–83 years and body mass index above 25kg/m).

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