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Lolland also houses several museums, no matter which town on Lolland you're visiting.

A 12th-century royal residence, Ålholm Castle, is located in the town of Nysted. There are several architectural gems on Lolland-Falster, such as Knuthenborg Manor with its Safari Park (open April-October).

Major towns on the islands of Lolland-Falster are Nykøbing, Maribo, Sakskøbing, and Nakskov.

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Lolland is connected to Denmark's Zealand by bridge.

You can get to Lolland from Copenhagen with just a 1 1/2 hour drive (130 km) by taking road E47 south.

Датский остров Лолланд известен своими чистейшими пляжами, уникальными озерами и уютными небольшими городами.

Es klebte der Dunstabzug, der Boden war nicht gewischt. Wenn man viel ruhe haben wollte, war es genau richtig.

By Terri Mapes Lolland is the fourth largest Danish island in the Baltic Sea, located south of Zealand.

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