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durch  |  29-Mar-2015 14:50

” His belief that Bill Clinton’s affairs reflect badly on Hillary demonstrates something key to his psyche: For Trump, the only salient distinction when judging a women’s worth is whether she is fuckable or unfuckable.

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“She’s married to a man who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics,” Trump said at a rally in Spokane, Washington.

On July 13, the But the presentation never happened, and Trump mostly dropped the subject. As a notorious philanderer, it wasn’t in Trump’s interest to make adultery a campaign issue.

Further, as many Republican consultants know, women—including Republican women—really don’t like attempts to hold Hillary liable for Bill’s affairs.

Trump’s decision to revisit the issue of Bill’s sex life now, with less than 40 days to the election, is thus an odd strategic move.

Yet that is what he is doing; his campaign has issued talking points telling his supporters to bring up Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, and Monica Lewinsky.

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