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durch  |  12-Jan-2016 21:30

Hi guys I've been working on some shadow of the colossus style fur and I was wondering if there are any ways to improve it?

I haven't made any fin alphas yet, but you get the idea so far these spheres use 25 shells I was wondering if there is a way to soften and taper the strands Sv6w2 TSc this is the simple set up I'm using TL20I used vertex paint to darken the hairs toward the root and I planned to also use vertex paint to drive an alpha offset node, this would in theory shrink the hair thickness toward the tip It hasn't worked so well so far, it doest seem to give much visual difference as you can see in the first pic This shell method seems ok?

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but I have seen better results using this shell technique like with face rig: I like the shell technique, it seems powerful with how flexible it can be but I wish it could achieve a softer effect like the fur fx plugin for unity : apparently that uses up to 40 shells?

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