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He believed that it would be illogical to "violently deflect" the air stream downward at the point of where the air moves past the lips.

In this text, Farkas also recommends that the lower jaw be protruded so that the upper and lower teeth are aligned.

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The proper embouchure allows the instrumentalist to play the instrument at its full range with a full, clear tone and without strain or damage to one's muscles.

While performing on a brass instrument, the sound is produced by the player buzzing his or her lips into a mouthpiece.

Pitches are changed in part through altering the amount of muscular contraction in the lip formation.

Individual differences in dental structure, lip shape and size, jaw shape and the degree of jaw malocclusion, and other anatomical factors will affect whether a particular embouchure technique will be effective or not.

that the air stream traveling through the lip aperture should be directed straight down the shank of the mouthpiece.

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