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Ye kahaani hai aise do logon ki jinhone pehli baar dost banne ki koshish ki.

agar pehli baar samajhke hich-kichaao toh kya koi baat ban sakti hai?

may have 2 or 3 chaps.however i have updated only one till now. one always needs a companion, a 'humsafar' to hold one's hand and make life easier.

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Like many were fascinated by Dramione, I too found the idea OK-ish when I read their fics. tum toh wo ho jiska saath paane ke liye har ladki tarasti hai ... though it's a Love, Friendship or any other relation…After deserting Harry and Hermione, Ron is captured by a group of Snatchers. standing under the open sky with her arms stretched out.. sing and dance madly in rains.."But I'm certainly nothing special." "But you are," she protested, which caught me off guard.

*Chapter15Repdated* *New Chapter In Progress*Tumhe dekha toh jaana ki tum waise nahi ho jaisa maine socha tha. its all about a matter of understanding and care and concern…

A dilogical story revolving around Dushyant/new CID cops.

They all are amazing at one thing or the other or everything on the whole! I don't intend to bash Ron as he was one of my favorite characters till then, but no one can deny the fact that he had always hurt Hermione. #Druna #Forever ;) : DWhy do I feel these two pairs have the potential and would have made it to canon??! Among girls its gotto be Purvi n Ishita and of course Tarika. Diva finds out and kidnaps Kuru, wanting to exchange him for the kingdom. Find out as everyone discovers..truth Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood have NOTHING in common, right? Her best friend dares her love sick friend to take first step. Will it be too late to save the world from darkness?

I though H/Hr would be perfect and I'm glad even JKR did. *sigh* They would have, had I been JKR ;)I'm a huge fan of the show.. He's a rich, pro-Pureblood Slytherin, and she's a dreamy, open-minded Ravenclaw. But it may take a little help from their best friends for them to realize it... A series of after events and the duo are tangled up in love!

Dating preetz

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Fanø er derfor også det første sted i det egentlige Danmark, hvor man tænkte på, at lave et egentligt Badested.…
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