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The association is active today in the fields of arts and culture, political education, European citizenship and active participation. social commitment on the spot plays an important role.We commit to followings goals: • the transmission of basic values as peace, democracy, solidarity and sustainability; • the integration of every people in the society regardless of their origin, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc... media education for youth and adults Target groups are youth and young adults ins Erfurt, Germany and Europe. On the one hand our objective is to support children and young people with special needs through creative social and cultural projects using non-formal education approaches.

Within this project we also want to give space for the organisations to recognize their needs, the needs of their community and the needs of the young people as future EVS volunteers.

Generally we want to ensure that each partner has a common understanding of the importance of quality EVS project and work together to build capacity for work with EVS.

To this end we applied in February for the project „Volunteering Goes Europe“ (VGE), running for 2 years and consisting of 7 activities.

The objective of the project is to raise the quality of EVS projects and set higher quality standards within the network for personal and professional orientation for youth through mobility.

and of active citizenship; • the support of an active and solution-oriented debate about the problems and challenges of society in the fields of education, environment, politics, economy, social affairs, law and culture; • the awareness of cultural diversity and the fight against racism, discrimination and nationalism. On the other hand we organise information events in Erfurt and surrounding to present to young people the opportunities to make a social experience abroad as a volunteer.

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