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Viborg Municipality is the second-largest Danish municipality, covering 3.3% of that country's total land area.Its central location gave the city great strategic importance, in political and religious matters, during the Middle Ages.The cathedral was and is the locus of cult of Saint Kjeld of Viborg who was dean of the cathedral chapter there and had a great shrine there in the Middle Ages. The cathedral is famous for its many paintings by Danish painter Joakim Skovgaard, which depict stories from the Bible.

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A motte-and-bailey-type castle was once located in the city.

Viborg takes its name from a combination of two Old Norse words: vé, meaning a holy place, and borg, meaning a fort. The construction of the cathedral started in 1130 and took about 50 years.

Viborg has over the last decade won a reputation as one of Denmark's leading cities for sports.

It started with the city's women's handball team (a popular sport in Denmark), which continues to be one of Europe's top-5 clubs.

Subsequently, both the men's handball team and most notably the professional football team have established themselves at the top of the Danish leagues.

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