40 dating Odsherred - Dating german helmets

durch  |  18-Mar-2016 08:49

The reproduction decals above were World War II German Helmets that were being sold on Ebay.

Early on in my collecting I was ripped off several times by the fraud artists that use on-line auctions as a way to get them into the market. Yes, original helmets do show up on those venues from time to time but a high percentage have been post War tampered with in some form or fashion.

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If the helmet were real, it would command a price of $5,000-$15,000.

Imagine how this collector is going to feel when he finally learns his high end fake is only worth about $250.

A word of advice, if you buy a German helmet from an on-line auction, be very careful and ask the right questions.

I offer this section to illustrate how some reproduction decals can be easily identified as not being authentic.

While others can be very difficult to distinguish and require close inspection.

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