Dating Furesø

durch  |  11-Sep-2015 21:51

The Northern suburbs is a green suburban district north of Copenhagen.

The industrialization had another lasting impact on the district, as the earliest factories in the country shot up around the Mølleå River using water power to power the mills producing paper, weapons and textiles.

But since steam power was introduced only a short time after these factories were build, development turned to back the city, and the area has been superbly preserved and is still surrounded by green forests, and amazingly most of old mills and factories still stand as they did when they were closed down in 19th century.

It takes approximately 15 minutes to get to Hellerup and 20 minutes to get to Klampenborg and Lyngby, the 3 main attraction areas.

All the S-train lines runs every 10 minutes throughout the day and every 20 minutes in the evening.

the kystbanen runs every 6-14 minutes for most of the day, in the weekends and after 8PM the service is cut back to every 20 minutes.

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